Ikea Hack Feather Coaster


Pretty enough for a tea party, these feather coasters need only three materials to make. Their simplicity lends themselves to numerous variations and virtually failure-free results. So relax, drink it all in & protect your surfaces with style.



4 (or more!) IKEA Glasig coasters

EasyCast clear casting epoxy



3 disposable plastic cups





Sort through the feathers, choosing those with different sizes and patterns. Clean up your feathers by pinching back and cutting off the fuzzier parts. Lay them inside the IKEA Glasig candle holder to get idea of how they’ll be positioned. TIP: Prep more feathers than you think necessary, as they appear more translucent with the addition of resin and look pretty when layered.


To measure how much resin you’ll need, fill each coaster you plan on making half-way with water. Pour the water into a plastic cup and then divide the water evenly into a second cup. Make a mark on both cups at the waterline, empty the water and dry the cup thoroughly. This method will work for any epoxy resin that requires a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener. 

Wash and completely dry your Glasig candle holders, making sure to take off any oily fingerprints or dust. 

Mix together your resin according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Pour just enough resin to coat the reservoir of the coaster with a thin layer. Begin placing your feathers with the tweezers, layering as you go. Do this for each coaster you’re making. Once satisfied with how they look, divide the remaining resin amongst each coaster. 



Run your lighter over top of the resin to pop any bubbles. Allow your coasters to dry overnight.

In the morning you may notice that some of your feathers floated a bit to the surface. You can fix this by mixing a small amount of resin and pouring a thin layer on top. Allow another 24 hours to dry completely.

Enjoy with your favorite beverage!

Marla Christiansen