Leather Travel Makeup Pouch

This smart pouch is an excellent traveling companion. It’s no-sew design is made from a single piece of leather and two stud closures. Keep those makeup brushes, pencils or other goodies safe and snug while you seek out life’s latest thrill.



12" x 9" piece of leather (or other material)

2 screwback button stud closures

leather punch








Begin by drawing your template on a piece of paper or cardboard. Using the image below as a guide, measure a 8in x 3in rectangle. Add a second and third rectangle measuring 8in x 2.75in onto your first. Measure 2in out from the edge of your middle rectangle and make a mark. Using the mark as a guideline, draw a semi-circle. Repeat this on the other side. After your template is complete, cut it out.

Lay the template onto the leather and lightly trace around it with chalk. Carefully cut out the leather piece.

Fold both sides of the pouch into itself, then fold over the top flap. With chalk, make a mark on the semi-circle where you want your stud closure to connect. Repeat this on the other side.

Once marked, use the appropriate punch size (the head of the stud will need to fit through here) to create a hole in both semi-circle flaps.Fold your pouch again. This time, using the punched holes as a guideline, mark the leather below on both ends. Use the same punch size for these holes. 

Fold your pouch one more time and mark the final flap using the holes as a guide. With a smaller punch size (one that will fit the screw portion of the closure), create the last two holes. 

Thread the screwbacks through the small holes and attach the stud. Pop the stud through the remaining side and front flaps. Bring on your next adventure!

Marla Christiansen